About Gentle Journeys Birth Services

I began Gentle Journeys Birth Services in 2018 after completing my labor and postpartum doula certification through Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, OR.

I first become interested in birth work while completing my labor and delivery clinical rotations as a nursing student and supporting a mom during a very difficult labor.  After graduating from nursing school, I attended a natural birth and midwifery conference in an Amish community and was fascinated to learn about the long history of homebirth in their community as well as many natural methods I had never learned of in nursing school.  Shortly after that I learned what a "doula" was from a friend and a small dream began to grow... to one day take a doula training and work supporting birthing women and families.  In the meantime, I had the opportunity to live in a suburb of Atlanta, GA in a community where many refugees were being resettled.  My neighbors were refugee women from many cultures and they invited me into their homes and taught me their beliefs surrounding pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.  I was touched by the celebratory manner with which they viewed birth, and the beautiful ways they supported each other in the weeks after giving birth.  I enjoyed helping them navigate through the healthcare system in a new country and couldn't help but contrast their stories to the stories other American friends were telling me…stories of feeling alone and unheard during their hospital births, like they weren't fully informed or heard, and their struggle to cope with postpartum depression.  As I had the opportunity to come alongside these mothers, offer listening ears, and help around the home, I began to know what I wanted to do with my life!

Because of my background in nursing and understanding of how hospitals work, I feel especially called to help bridge the gap that sometimes exists between moms in labor and well-meaning, but overworked and too-busy-to-listen medical providers.  I am excited to be able to combine the depth of knowledge I've learned regarding childbirth, natural ways to support women in labor, and my healthcare background with a calming presence and love for helping everyone feel heard, informed, respected, and supported.

I am certified in adult, infant, and child CPR and first aid.  I have over six years of experience helping take care of families with children ages 0-9 and have supported women choosing a wide variety of different birth plans including hospital births with and without epidurals, cesarean births, VBACs, out-of-hospital births, and waterbirth.

In my spare time, I love hiking to the tops of mountains, gardening, reading books, studying natural medicine, cooking up healthy recipes, and having heart-to-heart talks with friends about life’s joys and challenges.



Doula Certification can be viewed here:


Labor and Postpartum Doula
SARALYN MACPHEE, RN, Labor and Postpartum Doula

Please reach out to me about any questions you may have!